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Banded Oak Brewing was started in 2016 with it's main focus being beer. Sounds obvious right, but not always true for some breweries. We make approachable beer that every type of beer lover can enjoy throughout the year.  We make over 20 styles of beer based on the season. There is a beer for every occasion, and in Denver, where the weather changes so much a beautiful sunny day can be celebrated just as easily as the year’s first snow.

Behind Banded Oak

Chris Kirk

Head Brewer/Co-Owner

Chris is a Colorado native with going on 16 years of brewing experience in the craft beer industry. He's worked at Odyssey Beerwerks, Great Divide, Moffat Station, and even abroad at places like Nils Oscar in Sweden and Bodebrown in Brazil. Chris's knowledge and creativity can shine at Banded Oak with access to some of the freshest wine and whiskey barrels available. Not chasing trends but focusing on classic beer styles with a slight twist is what makes Chris's beer so approachable.

Will Curtin


Born and raised in Alabama, Will moved to Denver in 2006 and fell in love with the Colorado beer culture. Coming from an insurance background, beer was a different world for him. He started his beer career working at the Great Divide Tap Room and realized that a smaller brewery experience with more connection to the community was a better fit for him. His favorite pastime is talking about beer and figuring out everyone's ideal beer style for the weather or their mood.